Caregiver Questions

  • Can I check in with multiple different elders?

    Not at this time. The ElderCheck Now® app allows one caregiver to check in with one elder at a time.   

  • Can an elder receive check-ins if Apple Watch® or iPhone® is not connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network?

    No. Wi-Fi or cellular connections are necessary to send and receive check-ins.   

  • Do I have to use a passcode or use my fingerprint every time I wish to use the ElderCheck Now® app?

    Not necessarily. For security purposes, the ElderCheck Now app uses the passcode and/or fingerprint unlock to encrypt the data that is submitted by an elder and stored on the caregiver’s device. As a convenience, the caregiver can adjust the duration of the “Auto-lock” feature to reduce the number of times they are asked to enter their passcode or fingerprint. This can be adjusted inside the ElderCheck Now app by selecting Settings->Passcode->Passcode Auto-Lock. Remember, to maximize security and to reduce the potential of others inappropriately accessing the data maintained within the ElderCheck Now app, we recommend shorter time period settings for the “Auto-Lock” feature.   Please see caregiver iPhone® passcode login video tutorial for details.

  • Will my elder see my picture that I take during the caregiver setup process?

    Yes. Personalization was an important feature to the designers of the ElderCheck Now app. The picture that the caregiver takes during setup will be sent to the elder to allow for peace of mind and security during the check-in process.   

  • Will the heart rate that I receive from my elder be his/her current heart rate?

    No. The heart rate will be the most recent heart rate taken within the last 60 minutes. The time stamp on the response screen denotes its time.